Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions that make sense.

Every business has different needs and a different financial situation. By choosing an experienced and dedicated vehicle and equipment finance specialist you will:

Save Time

With access to a host of lenders, I prepare your application and go straight to the right finance sources on your behalf.

Save Money

Because I understand the many types of finance options available, I’ll ensure you get the right rate and the right lending terms.

Make your life easier

I do all the research and come back to you with the options so you can concentrate on running your business.

Avoid costly mistakes

Don’t let paperwork or a poor finance structure deplete the cash flow of your business. I’ll help you make the choice that will best suit your business.

Selecting the Right Loan Is Important

Getting a loan for a business asset isn’t the same as sorting out your mortgage or taking out a personal loan. Choosing the right loan structure can save your business a great deal of money and this is why obtaining specialist advice is so important.

The terms of the loan are just as crucial as the interest rate. I help you be aware of tax advantages such as depreciation, in addition to helping you navigate other critical factors like matching the terms of the loan to the life of the asset.

Custom Finance Solutions For All Your Business Needs

Every business has a different financial situation and a different set of needs.

Whether it’s a new truck, a fleet of buses, earth-moving equipment or simply a new computer, I customise your finance solution and take a look at your unique circumstances before I approach any lenders. This means I can package a deal tailored to specific lenders who will offer the best terms for your business without tying up your vital working capital.

What I finance

  • Vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, trailers and buses

  • Industrial equipment like forklifts, graders, excavators, cranes and bulldozers

  • Printing press equipment

  • Laser cutters and guillotines

  • Fixtures and fittings for industrial and retail spaces

  • Medical equipment and pharmacy fit-outs

  • Refrigeration

  • Office equipment and computers

  • Laundry equipment

  • Aircraft

  • Any asset that your business might require