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Buying a new car? Here's why your finance broker is the best option

Nov 15, 2017 Ron Chowanetz Comments (0)

How you finance your next vehicle is an important decision that needs to be made objectively. It is easy to be swayed by the lure of car dealership finance - after all, it can all be dealt with in-house, they clearly specialise in car loans, and the interest rates seem on par.  ..

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Did you know your finance broker could do this?

Dec 21, 2016 Ron Chowanetz Comments (0)

I was chatting with a colleague in the banking sector recently and we got onto the subject of insurance premium funding, which is an excellent finance product for small businesses but not very widely known. 

Insurance can be one of the biggest outgoings for a small business and when the premiums come due it can really mess up your cash flow. As the name suggests, insurance premium funding is a product that pays your premium for you and then allows you to split your repayments into monthly instalments instead of having to pay in a lump sum once a year. It’s the perfect product to make sure you’re properly covered while making it a manageable expense. 

Insurance premium funding is available for just about all insurance products you’d need for your business, both secured and non-secured, and while there will be an applicable interest fee most lenders are offering competitive interest rates, often below what you’d pay on a loan. You can also consolidate several premiums under one finance product. 

If insurance premium funding could help with your cashflow, 
give me a call on 0412 534 503 and we’ll find the perfect solution for your business. ..

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Take advantage of the $20,000 instant asset tax write-off

Aug 02, 2016 Ron Chowanetz Comments (0)

Have you utilised the Australian Government's instant asset write-off for your small business yet? Introduced in last year's Budget it allows small businesses to claim an immediate deduction on income-producing assets up to $20,000, instead of writing them off over a number of years.  ..

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